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Her Wedding PlannerIf you love nature and want to incorporate that into your wedding day, what better way than to have an outdoor wedding. Of course having an outdoor wedding can come with challenges, but none too big to be overcome. First you have to decide where you want to get married. Good places to start are local museum grounds, golf and country clubs, estate grounds, parks, or even your own backyard. If you plan on having a wedding in the park, you’ll have to take a trip to city hall and see what type of permits are necessary for holding your ceremonies in a public space.

Once you have chosen your outdoor venue, you need to speak with their event coordinator to see what the venue offers for an outdoor wedding so you’ll know if you need to rent anything additional for your wedding day. If you do need to rent additional pieces ask the venue which companies they have worked with before and are willing to recommend. If tents are necessary or part of your outdoor wedding package, ask how the tents are secured to the ground, you don’t want the tent to blow away in the middle of your vows. Also be conscious of where the bathrooms are and how you’re guests will get to them. You’ll also want to find out what the venue will do for you in the event of rain, some might offer a refund for certain types of weather related complications. You should have a back-up plan in case the rain makes staying outdoors impossible.

When deciding where to hold the ceremonies and reception, think about the time of day and year that you’re choosing to get married. Summer weddings performed outdoors are best done in the afternoon. If you can, choose a spot that offers shade and protection from wind. You’ll also want to know how you can arrange the seating for the ceremony. You don’t want your officiant or husband-to-be to be blinded, nor your guests. Make sure the sun will be behind you. You’ll also want to walk the terrain where you plan to set everything up, this walk will let you know if you should wear flat shoes, or a kitten heel. High heels and stilettos are probably not a good idea for an outdoor wedding because your heel will become stuck n the ground, making walking down the isle difficult.

Another consideration is lighting and decoration, you’ll want to know what you’re getting from your outdoor venue, see examples of how they decorate, ask if they can make your vision a reality. Stringing string lights can add romance and ambiance, using candles in hurricane glasses can also create a beautiful feel to the evening. Draping fabric from the center of the tent can create partitions and separate rooms form the main tent. Having a bunch of pillows can be a great way for guests to relax and unwind after the ceremony. You’ll also want to now if you tent comes with an outer wall to stop wind or rain from coming into the tent.

A big trend in Canadian outdoor weddings is giving local gifts to your guests, such as honey, jam, or other type of preserves that only can be found locally. These are likely to please guests and be taken home, rather than the picture frames and other table top gifts that get left behind or thrown away. You can even give guests a DIY project that you made especially for them, like a mini terrarium, or some homemade cookies. Another idea is to provide your guests with sunscreen and bottles of cold water.

Where ever you choose to get married, make sure that you’re getting all that you need without breaking the bank. Make the venue work for your business, and compare rates and quality of packages between venues, don’t be afraid to tell an event coordinator that you can get more for less some place else, make them explain their pricing to you so you know why you’re getting charged a certain amount.

The last thing for you to do once everything is planned is relax. Remember that you can’t control the weather and that you have a backup plan. No you don’t want to use it, but at least you have it! Just enjoy your day and your company and everything else will work out fine.

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