Want Fries with that Ring?

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We recently came across this article and thought it might interest you. Can you imagine, McDonald’s now offer wedding services!!!

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Wedding TrendsBy Chinese betrothal custom, the groom presents his bride’s family with a whole celebratory suckling pig. The pork, a culinary symbol of the girl’s virginity, is roasted patiently to a crackling ruddy brown. But at a recent engagement party in Hong Kong, the food came quickly, turned out by restaurant workers at the pace of the city stirring outside.

In January, McDonald’s added wedding packages to its Hong Kong menu. This is the only city in the world where the American restaurant chain offers the service, prompted by frequent inquiries about fast-food weddings from customers in recent years. Now, three McDonald’s locations are equipped to stage marital festivities in the style of any 6-year-old’s model birthday.

In Honk Kong, a ceremonial wedding dinner of 20 crimson-clothed tables begins at about $38,000, and the betrothed are unlikely to know personally a majority of the invitees. In a moment of economic recovery, this kind of decadence has, for some, simply lost allure. Coco Wong, Hong Kong’s first wedding planner, still predominantly organizes conventional banquets. But, she says, the scale and gravity of these spreads is on the decline: “Couples are beginning to prefer smaller affairs with just the people they know, weddings that are more intimate and softer on the budget.”

For Ashley Tse and Kwong’s engagement party, in an area in one restaurant’s rear cordoned off from the public, goody bags are stuffed with plush McDonaldland characters. A McDonald’s M.C. coordinates games while waitresses deal out cheeseburgers. A cake is a pyramid of green apple-pie cartons. Dozens of heart-shaped balloons — it is Valentine’s Day, after all — hover in the corners of the room in rosy clumps. The future bride, Tse, weeping from the excitement of it, wears a balloon ring and carries an inflated bouquet.

So what do you think? If McDonald’s decides to start offering wedding services in North America, would you be one of the first ones to host your rehearsal dinner, or perhaps you entire wedding reception at the McDonald’s location nearest you?

I guess we will see if this trend ever moves over here, and what the response will be…

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Want Fries with that Ring?

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