Wedding Wrap Up Tasks

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Just because the wedding day has come and gone, doesn’t mean you are wedding task-free. If you are planning on taking your honeymoon for a few weeks after the wedding, here are some tasks that can be completed in the meantime.

1. Place a wedding announcement in the paper. Remember to include names, place, date and any special people you may want to thank.

2. Thank you cards. These cards should be given out to anyone who gave a gift or helped out with the wedding planning.

3. Clean and preserve your wedding dress. If you don’t do it now, you probably won’t get to it for months.

4. Call the photographer to view your pictures!

5. You can start to put together a keepsake box.

6. Update your wedding website, if you have one.

7. Make name and address changes to any personal documents (driver’s license, health card, credit cards etc.)

There is no deadline to these tasks, but the sooner you have them done the sooner you can relax!

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Wedding Wrap Up Tasks

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