5 mistakes to avoid when choosing your wedding venue


With so many things on your mind during wedding planning, it’s easy to slip and fall into the trap of some mistakes that could have easily been avoided. Here are 5 of the most common mistakes brides make when it comes to their wedding venue (and how to avoid them):

Mistake #1: Taking too much time to make a decision

We know how overwhelming it is to finally choose only one wedding venue from the few shortlisted venues you’ve been thinking about for weeks (if not months). Unless you are planning your wedding in the off-season, though, you shouldn’t procrastinate this decision for too long. If the wedding venue you want for your wedding is within your budget, just go for it and move on – there are so many other things on your wedding planning list that need to be taken care of!

Mistake #2: Forgetting about plan B

Given the fact that most weddings take place in beautiful outdoor venues in the summer, not many brides consider having an easy to follow plan B. Rain (every bride’s worst enemy) will not ruin your wedding day if you take care of it beforehand. Choose a venue that has an easy to follow plan B (preferably included in the price) and you can wave your rainy concerns goodbye!

Mistake #3: Underestimating parking issues

When it comes to convenience (and safety), your wedding guests come first. They will feel most comfortable with a well-lit on-site parking at the wedding venue you’ve chosen. Have this in mind when choosing your wedding venue unless you want to see the nervous faces of wedding guests worried about the safety of their vehicle that’s parked off-site or on the street.

Mistake #4: Choosing separate venues for the ceremony and the reception when it’s not necessary

Unless you have a very good reason to opt for one venue for the wedding ceremony and another venue for the wedding reception, consider choosing only one venue that combines both. It will be way more convenient for your wedding guests as they won’t have to endure hours of waiting time between the ceremony and the reception (not to mention the unpleasant extra traveling from one venue to the next).

Mistake #5: Being too adamant about the wedding date

We know how important your wedding date is. What if you have found the wedding venue of your dreams and you can see yourself there (and only there) in your wedding dress surrounded by the people that matter to you the most but this venue is not available for your chosen wedding date? Think about the pros and cons and you’ll reach the best conclusion yourself!

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