Choosing a Catering Menu

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ID-100165833You’ve decided on your caterer and now you need to choose your meal, but first, are going to do a buffet or a sit down meal? The answer to this question will take your budget and meal choices to different places. Before you can choose a menu, you must know roughly how much money you have to spend on food and drink, and how many guests you’re inviting to your wedding. You might find that a sit down dinner actually costs less than a buffet.

Once you have narrowed down your guest list you need to go to your caterer with the amount of people invited to your wedding and how much money you have to spend on food. From there your caterer should be able to get back to you with food and drink to fit your budget. Ask the caterer which type of dinner is better for your budget. Your caterer should be able to provide you with an off the top of their head list of foods for a sit down style and a buffet dinner that fits your budget. Don’t sacrifice quantity for quality. You don’t want you guests to starve, make sure you order enough food for your entire event.

Keep in mind that different seasons will make  the availability of certain foods nearly impossible, or more expensive. In order to keep costs down, try to select foods that are in season and don’t be afraid to ask for your caterer’s advice, they will know what they can do with your budget better than you do.

When you choose your dinner you can always tweak it to make more unique, or represent your tastes. After you’ve taste tested the food your selection you can always ask your caterer about spices, sauces, or herbs to make your meal more customized. You may even want to incorporate a family recipe into your wedding feast that the caterer will make even fancier than you’ve had it before.

Being able to ask for simple changes to the menu means being comfortable with your caterer and have a good dialogue between you so you feel comfortable asking for little changes, and the caterer in return is receptive to your needs and budget constraints. Just remember that you want it to be right and so does your caterer.

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