Get Your Finances In Order – Interview with Derek Foster

Enjoy a copy of the latest blog from not only wants to help you plan your wedding with ease, we want you to have a successful and long lasting ‘Happily Ever After’. Finance-related tension in your marriage potentially raises the risk of divorce. If finances are such a big deal, then we want you to be prepared and start planning financial harmony between you and your spouse.

Financial Expert

Chantal Patton with recently interviewed millionaire, author, investor and financial specialist, Derek Foster. Derek Foster retired by the time he was 34! We encourage you to listen to this 20 minute audio clip filled with financial tips. Pick up one of Derek’s books filled with awesome financial insights and simple strategies for financial breakthroughs.

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Here’s how you can order some of his books (click the book or book title):

Derek Foster
Stop Working , Here’s How You Can! : Using The Strategy Of Canada’s Youngest Retiree
Derek Foster
The Idiot Millionaire : You Can Become Wealthy Using This Idiot-Proof Strategy
Derek Foster
The Lazy Investor

We hope this interview and resources help you in your marriage. Derek offered if anyone wanted to email him any questions personally they can do so through his website at

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Get Your Finances In Order – Interview with Derek Foster

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