Lovers Month Wedding Decor Ideas

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If you are getting married in February you might opt for a “Valentine’s Day” theme!

So, I presume you have been shot by winged Cupid with one of his arrowed desires and now you are marrying Prince Charming! Congratulations!!! How does your wedding décor reflect your love and excitement? What do you choose for this themed wedding? Let’s see:

1. Start with Valentine’s-inspired invitations (make sure you don’t overwhelm your guests with too much “sweetie” messages and images).
2. Use as many candles as your ceremony and venue location will allow you to. Candles are extremely romantic, so along with red rose petals let them be your main wedding decor. Take into consideration candelabras or specialty design candles for Valentine’s day.
3. Red roses are a must! And use as many as your budget will permit.
4. Add cupids arrows to your décor (if you think they are safe enough, so the kids invited to the party will not stab each other with them).
5. Releasing doves will add an extremely romantic touch to your ceremony.
6. Heart shaped ring pillow of fresh or silk flowers.
7. Heart shaped or love themed wedding favors, such as plush Valentine Bears, Valentine Photo Frames, Cupcakes, etc.

Here are some ideas:

1. Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets can have a heart shape!

Ottawa Wedding

2. Ceremony pews

Ottawa Wedding

3. Reception centerpieces

Wedding Centrepieces

Happy Valentine’s day!

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Lovers Month Wedding Decor Ideas

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