The Challenges behind Fall Weddings

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With stunning natural foliage and a weather that just makes you want to enjoy the outdoors, it’s no wonder why fall is one of the most popular seasons to hold weddings. Yet with all the good things you might’ve heard about fall weddings, pulling them off can be a daunting task—in fact, not too many wedding planners might be up for the challenge.

First off is the weather. While it’s certainly true that being outdoors during the autumn is comfortable, bear in mind that temperatures can drop drastically during the nighttime. A good solution to this would be to put up heat lamps in outdoor areas where guests can mingle and relax. Yet another great would be place to fire pits where people can cozy up and maybe even roast some marshmallows.

Another challenge lies in choosing fall wedding flowers. Take note that most popular flowers are not in bloom during this time of the year, so your bouquet will have to feature other creative elements aside from flowers. You could play around with colorful plants such as wheat and other ornamental plants to compensate.

When it comes right down it, fall weddings—when done right—look very charming and special. Go ahead and plan yours now!

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The Challenges behind Fall Weddings

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