The Formula for the Best Marriage Proposal

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You can read in almost all internet blogs about the best marriage proposals and the worst ones. Bloggers are also debating on whether a more intimate, private wedding proposal is better compared to a very dramatic, public one.

But as a woman and a married one, I think it all boils down to individuality. A wedding proposal may work wonders for Sarah but may be too much for Ann. Frank may be too shy to do a flash mob yet Adam is so comfortable doing a dance routine before proposing (these names are all random, of course).

There is no best wedding proposal – or worst. The formula to make your marriage proposal works for you and make her cry tears of joy and say yes is to know who your girlfriend really is.


Her Wedding PlannerThe Outdoor Type

If she loves the outdoors, then start thinking of amusement parks, beaches, or a camp-out wedding proposal.





Her Wedding Planner


The Shy-Type Romantic

If your girlfriend is reserved and romantic, taking her out for a special dinner, a night walk or a picnic before proposing to her would do the trick.



Her Wedding Planner

The Bold

If she’s adventurous, proposing to her while parasailing, exploring caves or paragliding would definitely make her go gaga and say yes.





For more ideas and advises, you can always read and search online, in wedding magazines or as suggested by wedding proposal advisers. But always keep in mind that it’s also good to improve and give extra effort to make your proposal unique from everybody else.

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The Formula for the Best Marriage Proposal

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