Tips on How to Make Wedding Guest Lists

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Her Wedding PlannerIf you can only invite the whole world to your big, most special day, that will be really awesome!  But more often than not, soon-to-be newlyweds would argue how many people they should invite because the number of people attending the wedding would also affect other wedding preparations.

To be able to have a wedding guest list perfect for your budget, here are some tips that can help you:


Use Percentages.  One good way to go is splitting things up.  Once the couple has agreed on the number of invited guests, they should use percentages to know how many invites each partner should have.  For example, the couple will have 50% of the total list while each set of parents will have 25%.


Communicate.  It’s always great to communicate to your parents how many they can invite at an early time to avoid being clueless and chance of delivering a regrettable invite.


Create priority listings.  Guests will be classified as VIPs or Non-VIPs.  When you exceeded from the expected number of guests, you can trip starting from the Non-VIPs first before working your way up.  These would also help you distinguish family members, friends and work-related people to be invited in your wedding.


Creating a wedding guest list is important because you want to have the people who have been there in your life to witness this life-changing event yet it will also affect the size of the wedding venue, reception and the food.

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Tips on How to Make Wedding Guest Lists

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