What Wedding Elements Top Your Priority List?

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Her Wedding PlannerIn your wedding, which element do you consider the most important? When I was preparing my own, I considered the church and the reception the first and second important elements. The church is the most important because I want it to be small and simple, yet without taking out the beauty and solemnity of the matrimony. The reception venue came in second.

I ran into a poll that discussed about what elements considered the most important by the brides. To my surprise, photography came in first with 48 percent while the rest were distributed to location, DJs and the like. Majority voted on photography since according to them, photographs and videos capture the happiest day of their lives and could make it last forever. This reason holds true to a friend of mine who said that the guests will forget what the food tasted like but people who came (or didn’t come) would look at the pictures and the beautifully captured moments could bring back wonderful memories.

That’s the reason why some couples spend more on video and photography. However, each couple is different. Couples who enjoy and love food would spend more on a reception venue that has great food rather than photography while others consider the location the most important. There are also brides who would spend on their gowns above all else.

With your priority elements in mind, you can narrow down on your budget spending more on priority elements one, two and three and cutting the budget with the rest.

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What Wedding Elements Top Your Priority List?

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